ACCOMMODATE is specifically designed for disability services offices and features a portal for students, faculty and staff to engage in full featured management of all accommodation-related information and processes. The system will significantly improve and simplify student disability services processes, create efficiencies for students, faculty and staff, eliminate paper transactions, reduce email exchanges, provide access to student information and records at any time, and much more.

In transitioning to the new management system, Accommodate, faculty should note the following:

  • Faculty will still receive an email alerting them to approved accommodations for students in their courses, but they will be required to access the system portal to view the letter. The subject line of the email will still contain, “Urgent and Confidential:  Student Disabilities Information.”
  • Faculty will be able to enter the portal at any time to view the accommodation notification letter, so will not need to keep track of the specific email.
  • AI's or preceptors who are officially designated as an "instructor" in University systems for the course will have access to ACCOMMODATE to view student letters.  As with the old system, faculty should forward accommodation notification letters on a need-to-know basis to anyone responsible for arranging student accommodation who is not listed as an instructor for the course. When logging into the system, AI's or preceptors should select "Faculty" in order to access information for the course.     
How do I access letters with approved accommodations for students in my course?

Faculty are notified of accommodations approved for students in their courses by email.  The subject of the email reads:  Urgent and Confidential:  Student Disabilities Information.  The email provides steps to log in to Accommodate, where accommodation notification letters can be viewed.  These letters are available to view at any time during the semester. 

In addition, the Accommodate portal provides a current course roster which lists, at a glance, accommodations approved for any student in the class.  Another helpful feature is that students who are serving as notetakers in the course are identified on the course roster.

Please click below to view a step-by-step training module or a recorded live demonstration of this process.  In addition, you may register for one of the live Zoom training sessions on this topic listed below. As always, ODS staff are available to answer questions or guide you through the process.

How to access student accommodation notification letters

Step-by-Step instructions

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How to view course rosters

Step-by-Step instructions

Live Zoom Trainings:

Introduction to ACCOMMODATE - Q & A
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What do I need to know as a faculty or course instructor?
Tuesday, February 9 - 1:30-2:00 pm Register here 
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