Housing Accommodations

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) provides the opportunity for students to request housing accommodations based on a diagnosed disability. This process is not intended to address requests based on religion or gender. The housing accommodation request timeframe varies by student identity affiliation (incoming undergraduate, current undergraduate, incoming graduate, current graduate) and aligns with the regular housing draw or assignment process for that identity group. Each of these housing accommodation request cycles has a firm deadline because they precede the regular housing draw or assignment processes which also have defined time periods.  Any housing accommodation request that is made after the deadline or at another point during the year will be considered "out of cycle" and will be reviewed upon receipt.  However, for these requests, any housing accommodations found to be reasonable and supported will be implemented based on availability of housing that aligns with the specified accommodations. 

For more information on the process to request housing accommodations, please select your identity affiliation below: 

Incoming Undergraduate Student 

Current Undergraduate Student

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