Current Graduate Students

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) provides the opportunity for students to request housing accommodations based on a diagnosed disability. This process is not intended to address requests based on religion or gender.

Housing accommodations are considered by the Office of Disability Services for students who have diagnosed disabilities in an annual pre-draw process that occurs prior to the regular graduate student room draw period. Students may also request housing accommodations outside of this annual pre-draw process, but any accommodations found to be reasonable and supported will be implemented based on availability of housing that aligns with the  specified accommodations.

Process to request housing accommodations

Housing accommodation requests are made through the University’s disability management system (“Accommodate”). Requests in Accommodate can be made through through one of the following:

  • First-time requests: Students making a first-time accommodation request must submit their request using the following form.
  • If a prior accommodation request has been made: Students who have requested any type of accommodation (academic, housing, or dining) previously must submit a Supplemental Request.

Housing accommodation requests will require accompanying documentation. Documentation-related guidelines can be found here. Requests for housing accommodations will not be reviewed until documentation meeting these guidelines has been uploaded into Accommodate.

Timeline of the process to request housing accommodations for the 2024-2025 academic year

November 15th, 2023 Graduate Room Draw Process Opens
December 1st, 2023 Deadline for Submitting Housing Accommodation Requests

Calendar for Important dates for Room Draw academic year 2024-2025


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