Personal Electric Vehicles (Including eScooters) - Updated Policy

Dec. 15, 2023

Personal Electric Vehicles update

  • Effective January 25, Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs) will be banned in the restricted zone, including use, storage, parking, and charging.
  • Students living within the restricted zone are strongly encouraged to remove their PEVs when they leave campus after the conclusion of the Fall semester. 
  • Students unable to remove their vehicle themselves may choose to ship the vehicle at no cost by completing the shipping request form

Why is the PEV policy changing?

In August 2023, in response to concerns about rider and community safety, the Environmental Safety and Risk Management Committee (ESRM), updated the Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) policy to restrict use of PEVs on campus.

Despite efforts to educate the campus community about the updated policy and alternatives for getting around campus safely, compliance with the new PEV restrictions has been low. Observational data collected by a third-party consultant as part of a broader mobility planning effort found nearly the same levels of e-scooter use during restricted hours in October 2023 as those seen in February 2023. 

PEV users have routinely and increasingly been observed riding during the prohibited time periods, exceeding the 10 mph speed limit, failing to yield to pedestrians, operating with two passengers on a single device, and riding while using headphones or other audio devices. 

As stated in the August memo, a failure to comply with the updated PEV policy could result in a full prohibition of PEVs on campus. As a result, the ESRM has endorsed the updates to the PEV policy, which apply to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

PEV policy updates and student assistance

Effective January 25, 2023:

  • Personal electric vehicles, electric scooters, and other electric micro-mobility devices, such as hoverboards and electric and motorized skateboards, are prohibited to be used, stored, parked, or charged within the zone indicated in Appendix A. The policy applies to both the interior and exterior spaces of campus buildings within the zone. 
  • PEVs found within the restricted zone will be impounded. Registered devices may be claimed at the end of the semester for removal from campus. The University may be unable to return unregistered devices without verification of ownership.
  • Electric bicycles in “electric-assist” mode are permitted on campus roadways, but not sidewalks or pedestrian pathways. They may be operated as traditional bicycles on pedestrian pathways, but must yield to pedestrians at all times. Please refer to the PEV policy for a full list of safety requirements and details related to the use of electric bicycles. The University reserves the right to further restrict the use of electric bicycles as needed.
  • Non-motorized devices (e.g., traditional bicycles and skateboards) are not affected by this policy update and can be used at any time.

In light of this update, students living within the restricted zone must remove their PEVs by January 25, ideally removing them as you depart for winter break. 

Students unable to remove their vehicle themselves may choose to ship the vehicle at no cost by completing the shipping request form. Further details about shipping your vehicle can be found here.

It is expected that these restrictions will remain in place while the University executes on  longer-term projects to create safe, multi-modal east-west and north-south corridors across campus.

The full text of the updated policy as well as supporting Frequently Asked Questions may be found on the EHS site.

If you have questions or recommendations on ways to support campus mobility safety, please contact [email protected]. To explore alternative plans for navigating campus, please visit the Transportation and Parking Services website