Physical/Sensory Disabilities

Physical/Sensory Disabilities Documentation Requirements

Clinical documentation that is complete and timely provides the basis for decisions on appropriate accommodations for students. Students requesting academic accommodations need to register with ODS and submit documentation prepared by a qualified evaluator that substantiates the disability, provides information about the functional limitations and demonstrates the need for accommodations.

Students with physical or sensory disabilities must present medical documentation of their disability or condition. Through an interactive process, ODS evaluates requests for accommodations using the documentation and information provided during the intake interview. 

The documentation requirements are as follows:

  • Diagnostic statement identifying the disability, date of the current diagnostic evaluation, the date of the original diagnosis, and a description of the diagnostic criteria and test(s) used. Also included in the evaluation should be (a) a description of the expected progression or stability of the disability over time; (b) an estimate of the change in the functional limitations of the disability over time; and (c) recommendations concerning the need for reevaluation.
  • A description of the current functional impact of the condition
  • A description of a current treatment plan
  • A description of recommended accommodation(s) including assistive technology or other equipment requirements
  • Credentials of the Diagnosing Professional(s) including certification, licensure, professional training

medical disability documentation form is available by contacting ODS or on the Forms page.