Temporary Disabilities

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) recognizes that students with temporary illnesses or injuries are often in need of services or accommodations similar to those with on-going disabilities in order to maintain their academic program requirements. For this reason, students should contact ODS if academic accommodations are being requested.

In order to be considered for academic accommodations, the student must complete a Request for Accommodations form and submit to ODS. In addition, the student must present documentation of the condition from University Health Services or other professional to ODS.

Documentation Requirements -

  • For temporary disabilities that are readily apparent (broken bone, shoulder surgery), documentation that identifies the injury, functional impact and the healing timeline will facilitate the approval of accommodations.
  • The Medical Disability Documentation Form can be completed by the treating professional to provide relevant information.

When an accommodation request is submitted for a temporary disability, ODS will meet with the student to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations referencing documentation provided. Temporary accommodations will be approved for a limited period of time based on the information submitted by the treating physician. The student will be required to submit updated documentation as necessary if an extension is needed for the use of the accommodations. The student will be asked to sign an Acceptance of Services form to confirm approved accommodations and the approval of the date.

Please refer to Student Services Process for guidelines on the process from this point forward. It should be noted, however, that the accommodation notification letter sent to instructors will clearly state when the accommodation expires.