Initial Determination

For admitted undergraduate students, including students who have received likely letters, Princeton offers a process to provide an initial determination of accommodations prior to matriculation. Admitted undergraduate students must submit the Request for Initial Determination of Academic Accommodations form in addition to current documentation that meets Princeton’s requirements. These documents must be submitted on or before April 5th in order to receive an initial determination of eligibility for requested accommodations by April 29th.   The ability to provide an initial determination will be contingent on the documentation fully meeting the criteria outlined in the documentation requirements as well as the timeliness of the request for review.   Students who do not submit a request by April 5th or submit documentation that does not meet the outlined requirements will not receive an initial determination by April 29th. The initial determination will address accommodations based on the review of documentation, but an on-campus intake interview is required to gather additional information that may impact the final accommodations.  Any appeals would follow the normal grievance process.

Documentation Requirements:

Clinical documentation that is complete and timely provides the basis for decisions on appropriate accommodations for eligible students. Students requesting academic accommodations need to register with ODS and submit documentation prepared by a qualified evaluator that identifies and substantiates the disability, articulates the functional limitations that are a result of the disability and demonstrates the need for accommodations. Visit our page on documentation requirements for more information.

Forward to ODS on or before April 5th:

  1. Completed Request for Initial Determination of Academic
    1. Accommodations for Undergraduate Students form
  2. Documentation meeting Princeton’s criteria

For Spring 2021, ODS staff are working remotely and will not receive regular mail.  All documents should be emailed to [email protected].  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Mail to:              

The Office of Disability Services
Princeton University
Room 241 Frist Campus Center
Princeton, NJ 08544