Registration and Self-Identification

In the post-secondary setting, students must self-identify in order to request accommodations. A student is considered to be registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) once an accommodation request has been made. Registration is a voluntary, confidential process and may occur at any time during the student's course of study. 

Students with disabilities who seek academic accommodations should make timely requests, allowing sufficient time for the review of documentation and implementation of approved accommodations prior to the need for use. Approved academic accommodations are valid from the date the Acceptance of Services is signed and are not applied retroactively.

For incoming students, registration must be initiated by completing the Request for Accommodations form and submitting relevant documentation to ODS once your University NetID has been assigned. ODS reviews requests over the summer and arranges intake interviews to complete the process prior to the start of the Fall semester when possible.

For current students, ODS is happy to make appointments to discuss its services, and provides a Request for Accommodations form for students who have not previously registered with ODS.

Students seeking housing or dining accommodations for the next Academic Year must submit requests during the Housing Accommodation process cycle. For information on that process, including time frames, please visit the ODS Housing Accommodation page. Requests for accommodations will only be reviewed when current and sufficient documentation has been submitted.
Students may contact the Office of Disability Services at 609-258-8840 or [email protected] for information on registration or to make an appointment.